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InteGREAT Awards

Pipitone Group News Team   |    June 23, 2015 at 12:39 PM

This month, we recognized a few of our team members for their hard work and outstanding contributions to Pipitone Group and our clients. Three awards were given on Wednesday, June 17 to our team members who exemplified leadership, creativity and successful integration. Awards included the Creative Genius Award, the Principal Leadership Award and the InteGREATion Award.

The Creative Genius Award recognizes an employeIMG_1773e who exemplifies creativity and innovation across the board. From content to strategy and technology, this award goes to a candidate who strengthens the client’s brand as well as PG’s creative perception. Our Creative Genius Award winner, Bethany Dzielski, Content Specialist, was recognized for her creative content writing for PG’s clients, especially for Evoqua Water Technologies and Somerset Coal International. Bethany has only been a Pipitone Group team member for a little over a year, yet she took the lead, writing fresh, creative content across many accounts. Thank you for your creative insight and innovative ideas, Bethany! 

IMG_1776-1Leadership, ownership, and impact. The Principal Leadership Award recognizes a team member who takes the lead in any situation, whether it involves catering to profitability, strategy or creativity. The Principal Leadership award went to Vince Maffessanti, Creative Services Manager. Vince stepped up to the plate in the design department and demonstrated outstanding leadership while taking the wheel on creative design projects. Congratulations to Vince for his hard work and leadership in the design department!

The InteGREATion Award goes to the client team that does it all, working together to accomplish a client’s marketing goals. Incorporating digital, marketing, design, PR, and much more, this award shows dedication to a brand across every discipline. Congratulations to the Evoqua team for receiving this award. The team had the task of developing, managing and implementing Evoqua’s new website and undergoing new system training, all while managing other new Evoqua projects. It was a challenge, but the inGREATors on the Evoqua team worked together to successfully integrate all components and successfully complete the project. Great job, Evoqua team! 

Pipitone Group News Team

Written by Pipitone Group News Team

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